Well that happened…

Posted on Mar 9, 2016 | No Comments

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So for the past week you might have noticed that something was up with the website. Well, we recently fell victim to a .php injection attack that originated out of China. The site had some malicious code injected into the head of our .php pages that allowed someone to take control of the site and use our web server as a platform for delivering seeding packages for torrent content. If you visited the site at all last week you don’t have anything to worry about your computer is fine. The server buckled under the torrent traffic so when you visited the site you just got a blank page as the web server could not actually deliver html or any other content other than the torrent requests.

Well we are now working on getting the website back up and working for you guys so give us a week or two to get things back as the were.  We appreciate your patience.

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