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“deconstructing architectures digital design process”

Deprocess.org provides our fellow architectural students and young design professionals, with examples of the digital means and methods that are essential to our profession. Our purpose is to provide an avenue towards understanding and mastering the ever-changing digital processes that encompass the modern architectural world. Deprocess.org provides designers with the power to convey and develop their ideas with graphic clarity.

A vital part of an architectural students’ education is the ability to master the current design tools available, but the teaching of them is typically not a part of the fundamental education requirements of architectural design studios.

Today’s architecture and design firms rely upon architecture students not only providing the design skills acquired from architecture school, but possessing the ability to use the latest digital design tools. This allows firms to stay ahead and progress into the future of architectural design. Deprocess.org exists to provide the resources needed for our fellow designers to stay ahead.

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deprocess would like to thank Lynn Fitzpatrick and Brad Workman for helping us to get to where we are today. Without their guidance during our time in college who knows where we would be today. We would also like to thank Julie VanMater for helping us with the new website. Thanks for being patient with us. Our last thanks goes out to all of you that actually use the site on a regular basis. Thanks for tuning in.