• Data Management

Data Management

Modern digital design processes produce gigabytes of data. Knowing how to store, distribute, and backup this information is vital to keeping a design team working. RAID configurations, cloud backup, disk imaging, and tape backup can all play a part in managing your digital design data. Deploying the right solution, which is based on your particular needs and informed by the scope of your project, is something that we can help you with. Whether it’s ordering or installation advice, we have the know how to make sure you have a flexible and expandable solution that your business needs.


  • Hardware Deployment

Hardware Deployment\Planning

Towers, blades, racks, servers, switches, ports. These words are becoming more and more common in today’s AEC offices. Knowing what this hardware is, when to buy it, and how to install it, is something with which we have experience. We can help your company plan its technological future; we can be there when it comes time to make those purchases, by taking advantage of our purchasing relationships with Dell and BOXX Technologies.


  • Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment

By now I am sure you all have heard about the cloud, but are you sure you know what it is? Don’t worry, we have already built our own cloud server and we can help your company build one too. We can very clearly explain what the cloud is and how it can change the way your company functions for the better. Revit Local and Revit Central servers allow teams to collaborate in real time within and among domains. This cloud solution, while ground breaking in its ability to allow real time collaboration among a design team, requires a very specific hardware and software server solution to run successfully. We have installed and configured Revit servers in both physical and virtual environments; so, we have the know how to make sure your Revit servers are installed and configured correctly.


  • Technology Review

Technology Review

Sometimes you just need to know where you stand. We can assist companies by offering a technology review of your existing IT solution. Once we have reviewed your existing solutions, you will better understand what is next in the evolution of your companies IT future. Having a good plan is essential to the production pipeline and efficient business practice. Being able to predict your IT costs is essential to making sure your company is growing in the right way.