What We Offer

deprocess aims to help architects establish and use the latest technologies and processes available to the architectural, engineering, and construction community. We have an expertise in software, hardware, networking, net rendering, server deployment, prototyping, and construction. In general, if you have a need we can help.  deprocess is positioned to help you leverage new technologies and processes to complete your projects more efficiently.


  • Project Constulting

Project Consulting

We have helped architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) companies complete projects that vary in scope and complexity.  We have worked on everything from a small house to a 500,000 square foot high school.  No project is too large or complex for our services.

We can aid in the conceptual planning of workflows between consultants in the pre-design phase, fabrication of complex irrational surfaces, or even deploy a Hyper-V server to allow all consultants to collaborate in real time.  Also, we can aid in the production and maintenance of building information models throughout a project’s life cycle, ensuring that the model is useful for all the project stakeholders.


  • BIM Implementation

BIM Implementation

Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the most exciting developments in architectural practice in the past decade.  Knowing how to successfully deliver a project in BIM is a skill that takes several projects to master.  Getting ahead of the learning curve is vital to the survival of modern architectural, engineering, and construction firms.

While BIM is essential to the production of products in architectural offices, knowing how to share the the data-rich models with all the project stakeholders is equally important to the BIM process.  Integrated project delivery (IPD) is a contractual and working mindset that groups all of the project stakeholders into one collaborative group, working together to successfully deliver a project using shared data.

More often than not, firms have some familiarity with the BIM workflow, but are unaware of how to actually capitalize on all the effort that has been built into the integrated model.  We have worked with firms to revamp their existing workflows to this new IPD process, ensuring the seamless and efficient delivery of projects.


  • Technology Stratagey

Technology Strategy

Most architectural firms today acknowledge the need to migrate to new parametric and building information modeling technologies, but do not have the in-house technology knowledge to purchase the correct hardware for such a transition.  deprocess has the ability to aid companies’ strategic hardware planning.  This guidance ranges from specifying and purchasing client and server workstations to the installation and configuration of Revit local and central WAN servers.

We have standing relationships with Dell and BOXX Technologies to ensure you get the right hardware at the right price.  We also have experience upgrading and updating existing workstations and servers with enterprise class hardware.


  • Software

Software Development

Need a specific task completed but don’t have the right tool to accomplish the task?  That can be extremely frustrating, but don’t worry we can tailor a specific piece of software to help you accomplish your task.  We work with the Revit API, C#, Java, Flash, HTML, and other code languages that give us the flexibility to go from a need to a tool that you can use in your everyday process.  As technology and our professions exposure to technology grows it is only a matter of time till architects become the authors of the tools that they use everyday.