• Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

Understanding the impact that the initial schematic design can have on the overall performance of a building is becoming more essential to the building industry today. Understanding a building’s energy performance at an earlier point in the development of a project can inform design decisions that would other wise go un-evaluated, jeopardizing a project’s operating efficiency. Having information at hand to evaluate the energy implications of a design gives the design team the ability to evaluate and make adjustments that will positively affect the operating cost of a building throughout the building’s life cycle.

However, evaluating a 3D model to obtain this data through energy modeling can be quite difficult to accomplish, especially if the task has not been attempted by a design team before. We can work with the design team to iteratively test design concepts at the schematic phase of the project, in-order to determine exactly what the consequences are of certain design decisions.


  • BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination

Managing the exchange of information between stakeholders in a project can be a difficult process that can require a significant effort by individuals within a project team. It can often limit the ability for project team members to participate in the production of actual content. We can aid in the coordination process by sliding into a model coordination role.

This provides the design team an objective view of the project that can aid in the discovery of items such as collisions between consultants models, gaps in estimated quantities, and lapses in project scope. This service can lower addendum’s, change orders, and on-site construction issues.


  • BIM Management

BIM Management

Working with a design team to establish methods of model production and collaboration can eliminate hangups during the production process. However, knowing what standards to apply and when to do so, can be a difficult thing to know how to implement. We have the project experience to know how to seamlessly integrate all consultants into an integrated project delivery (IPD). This gives all the stakeholders in the project a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This management is established in the AIA E202 document, which is an industry standard for the management of a BIM process.


  • Deliverable Assistance

Deliverable Assistance

While designs increase in complexity, thanks to the advent of BIM and parametric modeling software, the ability to clearly document designs for construction is also increasing in complexity. Complex three dimensional NURBS surfaces, while now able to be realized in the computer, still have to be converted into two dimensional construction documents that clearly explain their means of construction. Knowing the process by which these complex surfaces are actually constructed greatly informs the way in which they are documented. We have experience delivering such complex designs through both BIM and parametric modeling software. After all, a design should not be limited by the means in which it is produced. We can help your organization by aiding in the documentation and construction of any design.


  • Renderings

Rendering and Visualization

Conveying design intent is essential to the success of a project. Moving design content though rendering software to create various presentation material is sometimes the most difficult process of an integrated design process. Knowing how to move all files and content through any rendering software is essential. We can interface with any design software, at any phase of a project, to create photo-real renderings and animations. We can also aid in the actual rendering process by taking advantage of our standing relationship with professional render farm of choice, Render Rocket. We work with all render engines, so we can accommodate any “render style” you are trying to accomplish. Check out our projects to see examples of renderings that we have completed for our clients based on their integrated BIM projects.

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